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AI-assisted Collaboration for Hotels

Lucy is a best-practice communication tool combined with an AI assistant, propelling productivity for hotels. 

Efficient and Secure

Flexible and Scalable

Communicate better

Transforming Hotel Operations with AI

Optimizing hotel operations is challenging. Scattered communication, things changing constantly and overwhelming information make it very hard. But, AI offers a powerful solution by managing and packaging information from systems, reports and staff efficiently. Lucy's clients are already tracking towards productivity gains of over 10%, and this is just the beginning.

What we offer

All communication & collaboration in one place

Lucy is your all-in-one internal communication platform for the hotel industry, enhancing teamwork and productivity with features like group chats, task assignments, and file sharing—all accessible from a single interface to keep staff informed and connected.

Summaries, alerts and metrics when you need them  

Lucy integrates artificial intelligence to assist with information management and decision-making. AI algorithms prioritize and summarize information, providing actionable insights to staff members and management.

Hotel specific tools

Lucy offers specialized tools and features tailored to meet the unique needs of hotel operations. From managing repair orders to tracking guest feedback, Lucy streamlines processes and enhances efficiency.

Multilingual support in real-time

Lucy supports multiple languages, ensuring effective communication among staff members from diverse linguistic backgrounds. Messages and updates can be translated in real-time, allowing for clear and efficient communication.

Get Ready to Revolutionize Your Hotel Operations with Lucy

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